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A Walk of Perspective

I had a visit with my cancer doctor this afternoon. Dr. Kristie Blume. It was a good day. A good report. I don't go back for 3 months and she told me to enjoy the summer. Wow! Marcia and I fist-bumped (well, as well as two 60 year old uncoordinated white people can fist bump) and walked to the elevator to leave. As we got to the elevator, I said "Let's go up to the 16th.' That's the floor I spent 45 days in last summer and fall and got to know many of the staff pretty well.

As we walked the hallway, looking for familiar faces, it wasn't the familiar faces that caught my attention. It was the lady in the hallway talking emotionally on her cell phone "They're going to start oxygen soon." It was the 8-year old pushing her IV Stand down the hallway with her mom by her side. It was walking by the room with the nurse helping the patient get back in bed.

"Why me?"

"How did I get so lucky?"

"How is it that I'm walking these somber halls, with the opportunity to get in my car and stop by to hold and rock my granddaughter Diem on the way home?"

Just like I never spent time to ask "Why me?" when I was diagnosed, I won't focus on it at this point as well. Those questions can drive you crazy. Instead, I'll savor each day. Try to feel I'm deserving of these days the Good Lord has granted me. Have some fun. Laugh a lot. Work hard and enjoy what I'm doing. Try to spend some time seeing life through the eyes of my 6 year old, 4 year old and 8 month old grand kids. I'll buy lunch for a stranger or a vet, just because. I'll be sure to take time to have future "walks of perspective". They're good for me.

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