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Fort Recovery Radio Christmas Gala

"Touching Lives one Family at a Time"

Days / Hours until Show Time: 

About the Christmas Gala:

The Fort Recovery Christmas Gala was started in 2015 with hopes to raise money to ease the burden of financial hardships during the Holiday Season. Each year, the event is hosted about 2 weeks before Christmas on a Wednesday Night. The Families are chosen by the christmas crew and are not necessarily local families to Fort Recovery. This event has had the reputation of the "True Meaning of Christmas" and is becoming a tradition for several families and even community groups each year. 

How is the Money handled and can I get Tax form? All proceeds are collected, counted and dispersed via the Fort Recovery Community Foundation. This is a very valuable resource as Fort Recovery Radio and its crew are not tied to the funds, we just provide the entertainment. 

The Christmas Gala event would not be possible without the efforts of dozens of Volunteers, Organizations, Businesses, and the Village. 

Lastly a Huge Shout-Out to YOU for participating to make this event a reality. 

Live Streamed Event:
How to Donate  &  Family Info..

You can see, hear and feel the excitement! FR Radio Christmas Gala is almost here. Before we present the next couple of families, here's a couple details about HOW to donate, if you're interested.

1. You can drop off your donation that night at the Pavilion next to the Fort Recovery Pool The donation drive-through will be the through the parking lot just to the West of the pool. We'll have it marked for you!

2. You can mail your donation to:

Fort Recovery Radio

p.O. Box 541

Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846


Checks should be made out to:

Fort Recovery Foundation

With FR Radio in the Memo line.

3. You can Venmo it to:

@FR-Foundation and put FR Radio in the detail.

 Family & Causes... 

Lucie is a first grader at Fort Recovery and daughter of Julie (Backs) and Kyle Schlater. Lucie has been on everyone’s minds and prayer list the past few weeks. Lucie underwent an intensive and successful operation to remove a large tumor from her brain. There are still ongoing tests, scans and trips ahead for the Schlater Family. Prayers will continue and we’ll do what we can to help support this courageous little girl!

Lucie Schlate & Family

Elle Brewer & Family

Elle is the high school daughter of Shaun and Jill Brewer. Shaun is a graduate of Fort Recovery and the son of Don and Cheri Brewer. Elle has had a tough senior year. She has been diagnosed with POTS (postural orthopedic tachycardia syndrome) and a couple other disorders that had confined her to a wheelchair. After a 5-8 week rehab at the Johns Hopkins Institute in Baltimore, some advances have been made but many more trips to therapy treatments are coming. This bright young lady is working her tail off to make the most of her senior year and create a great future for herself. 17 year old from Versailles (daughter of Shaun and Jill) diagnosed with several neurological disorders. Has spent time at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and working her tail off in physical therapy to make the most of her senior year.

JR is ready get 2023 behind him and start fresh with a GREAT 2024. In January of this year, JR was diagnosed with MS and then diagnosed with leukemia in October. Presently undergoing treatments at the James in Columbus, JR is working hard to battle the demons he's facing. His wife, Carolyn and two kids are with him all the way, but we'd sure like to be able to provide more support for the Stough Family. I believe we can help give them one less thing to worry about!

JR Stough

Neil Schmitz

Neil and his wife, Angie, have four beautiful kids ranging in age from 5-11. Not that long ago, Neil was making headlines by being a star pitcher for St. Henry and BGSU. However, in October Neil spent over two weeks at OSU’s Medical Center for tests and evaluations, eventually being diagnosed with autoimmune cerebellar ataxia, a disease that affects the brain and nervous system. This disease effects muscular coordination, balance and other neurological symptoms, leaving Neil currently confined to a wheelchair as he continues his treatments and therapy. Future trips and evaluations are planned and we’d love to help out the Schmitz family this Holiday Season.

8 year old son of Kim and Eric from St. Henry. Aaron was diagnosed in early October with high grade Osteosarcoma in his left lower leg. Aaron recently had his last chemo treatment before a surgery scheduled on December 18th.

Aaron Goettemoeller

Lis and her four boys recently lost their husband and father, Jason (Chainsaw), after an extensive battle with cancer. There’s no amount of donation that will ease the pain of an empty chair this Christmas, but we’d sure like to help in any way we can.

Lis Geier and sons

Jesse and Katie Miller - From Fort Recovery - has three children, two of which have a kidney disease that will eventually need transplants. Recent issues have resulted in extended hospital stays and we'd love to help them out.

Jesse and Katie Mille

A child from St. Henry who was recently diagnosed with a form of cancer that is going to keep him out of school for a while and likely many trips to appointments for Mom and Dad.

A local family who has a couple special needs children and has also recently received custody of a couple others, who also have additional needs.

A young lady fighting cancer from Fort Recovery. She’s near and dear to many with a face and a voice that we want to experience around here for a long, long time.

Christmas Lights

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